Repercussions of noise exposure

Any type of noise is considered “stress” to your ears, yes even that AABA song you blast in your car.

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Noise exposure limits in the workplace

In Alberta the maximum permitted exposure level is to work in a 85dB environment for 8 hours. For each increase of 3dB you are doubling the loudness, so you have to cut the exposure time in half for it to be safe.

Noise exposure limits in the workplace2021-06-14T09:23:04-04:00

Recreational sources of noise

Is wood working a favorite past time? Going to a concert with your friends, or even simply mowing your lawn is exposing yourself to a harmful amount of noise that should be monitored.

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Jobs/careers that are exposed to noise

Anyone who is being actively exposed to over 70dB of noise is at risk of damaging their hearing; as well as any burst of noise 120dB or louder can cause immediate permanent damage to your ears.

Jobs/careers that are exposed to noise2021-06-14T09:20:32-04:00

Symptoms of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

1. People sound like they’re mumbling2. Trouble hearing high-pitched sounds (e.g., doorbell, telephone,)3. Difficulty understanding conversations when you are in a loud

Symptoms of Noise Induced Hearing Loss2021-06-14T09:16:41-04:00
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