COVID-19 casuing sudden hearing loss

Formerly this year, several patients reported hearing loss and tinnitus after being hospitalized with COVID-19. Considering it is common to suffer sudden hearing loss from many different types of viral and bacterial infections, it is no surprise that sudden hearing loss has been linked to the coronavirus.

COVID-19 casuing sudden hearing loss2022-01-13T15:58:48-05:00

What if I already have Hearing loss?

If you already have hearing loss, there are options to improve your ability to communicate! Hearing aids are a great solution to help bring back your hearing.

What if I already have Hearing loss?2022-01-13T15:56:57-05:00

Identifying hearing loss

Identifying hearing loss can be as easy as booking a hearing test. Your hearing professional will start by asking background questions relating to your ears, such as noise exposure and history with ear infections.

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Symptoms of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

1. People sound like they’re mumbling2. Trouble hearing high-pitched sounds (e.g., doorbell, telephone,)3. Difficulty understanding conversations when you are in a loud

Symptoms of Noise Induced Hearing Loss2021-06-14T09:16:41-04:00

Different types of Hearing Loss

There are a multitude of causes of hearing loss, depending on the type of hearing loss different parts of your ear and hearing will be effected. A crucial part of identifying hearing loss is determining the cause and type of loss occurring.

Different types of Hearing Loss2022-01-13T15:57:35-05:00

What does noise do to your hearing temporarily?

Being exposed to a loud burst of noise may cause a Temporary Threshold Shift in your hearing. This may be from events such as a firearm being shot at close range, or going to a concert.

What does noise do to your hearing temporarily?2021-06-09T11:38:50-04:00
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