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A hearing-aid manufacturer that is know for its state-of-the-art hearing aid brand known as Signia. Featuring Styletto, Pure Charge&Go Nx, Prue 10 Nx, Pure 312 Nx, Pure 13 Nx, Motion 13 Nx, Silk Nx, Insio Nx, & CROS Nx.

Pure Charge&Go Nx
Enjoying the great outdoors with friends, conducting long business meetings, listening to your favorite podcast or music – no matter how much activity and work you like to pack into your day, Signia’s longer-lasting Pure™ Charge&Go keeps going with you. True to its name, Pure Charge&Go can be fully charged while you sleep so that it’s always ready to go when you are.


  • Wireless Charging
  • Small, discreet, sophisticated
  • For most levels of hearing loss
  • Durable High Performance
  • Hear the sound of your own voice as nature intended
  • Enjoy direct streaming of phone calls, music and TV.

Pure 10 Nx - hearing devices
Spending time with your loved ones is all about communicating. Whether you are reading a children’s story or catching up on the latest news with friends and family, Pure™ 10 from Signia gives you the confidence of hearing a more natural sound without any hassle. These incredibly tiny, fully automatic hearing aids hide behind your ears to make hearing what’s important as simple as possible.


  • Absolute discretion
  • Pure simplicity for hassle-free hearing
  • For a broad range of hearing loss
  • Simplicity and discretion in one.
  • Crystal clear sound with a natural flow

Pure 312 Nx - hearing devices
Discussing the latest exhibition with friends, gushing about a delightful classical concert or an exquisite ballet performance – Signia’s Pure™ 312 lets you share all of life’s beautiful moments and immerses you in them, completely. With Pure 312, you can enjoy the most natural sound experience with superior connectivity for audio streaming from your smartphone and TV.


  • Maximum discretion
  • Fully features
  • For all levels of hearing loss
  • Hearing the sound of your own voice as nature intended
  • Enjoy direct streaming of phone calls, music and TV