Caring for your Hearing

At iHear Unicare, we offer a number of services to make your experience enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We perform hearing tests for all types of clients including workers, physicians, specialist referrals, and individuals upon request. We strive to give you the best hearing aids that fit your needs at the most affordable prices out there.

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Friendly and prompt service

  • Complete hearing evaluations

  • Hearing tests for individuals and workers

  • Hearing tests for physicians and specialists

  • Custom hearing protection for workers, swimmers, and musicians

  • An extensive selection of digital hearing aids

  • 45 day trial period for each hearing aid

  • Two-year warranty for all types of hearing aids

  • Repairs and batteries for all types of hearing aids

  • Assistant with government funding paperwork

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Hearing Testing

Our licensed hearing practitioners will perform a full-service hearing examination to better meet your hearing needs. Our offices have the state of the art equipment to provide hearing exams for individuals, workers, physicians and specialists. We will determine your hearing loss level, and advise you if hearing aids are something that would benefit you.

Funding for Hearing Aids

Our team is able to assist you secure funding by working with health insurance companies and charitable organizations.

WCB, DVA, and AADL clients are always welcome at our clinic. Assistance with government funding paperwork is provided if needed.

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