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iHear Unicare is a full-service hearing care company that conveniently offers affordable hearing aids and hearing protection at locations in Edmonton and Spruce Grove. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from complete hearing tests and custom hearing protection to hearing aid fittings, repairs and batteries from the worlds’ leading manufactures. iHear Unicare strives for the ultimate customer experience through quality services and genuine care. 

Our highly trained and experienced professionals provide exceptional personalized care to ensure that you are fitted with the ideal hearing aid for your situation. In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer a 45 day trial period to test out your hearing aids as well as a two-year warranty for your convenience.

             We welcome WCB, NIHB, AADL, and DVA clients as well as private payment plans. To book your appointment today, give our Meadowlark Mall location a call at 780-409-9585, or 780-948-0304 for our Spruce Grove location. We hope to hear from you soon!

Commonly Asked Questions

What does a hearing test include?

A full hearing test takes 30-45 minutes and includes testing your entire auditory system. We start with a basic screening using pure tones to test your inner ear and cochlea response to sound. Next, we check the ear drum and middle ear function, and finally a speech test to determine how well speech tones are received and understood.

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How much do hearing aids cost?

The most current, high-quality hearing aid technology starts at $1200.00/hearing aid. However, based on your funding, your cost may be reduced.

  • If you are over the age of 65, the government will pay $900.00 towards your hearing aids every 5 years. If you are low income the government will pay 1200.00 per hearing aid.
  • If you have worked in noise WCB may cover the cost of your hearing aids.
  • Funding is available for military or government personnel e.g.) DVA or RCMP
  • Funding is available for First Nations or Treaty Status individuals.


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